The Finance Section

Finance has been simplified. 

We focus on creating content that’s super easy to understand, convenient to consume, and engaging/entertaining. This can be challenging, but we try our best. Whether you like reading, listening or watching, we provide multiple ways for you to take in all of the concepts we explain.

We’ve assembled a team with financial backgrounds to research and explain how the complicated world of finance works. We not only spend days researching the topics, we find the answers and break them down so anyone can understand. 

We try to do things a little differently, so here’s a poem about the sometimes confusing world of finance:

There once was a boy,
who didn’t understand,
the complicated world,
of finance he lived in.

He went online,
to learn a thing or two,
but quickly found out,
his confusion was true.

He decided that day,
he’d find his own way,
to learn and to share,
all he could bare.

Now it’s easy,
as you can see,
and everyone can learn,
like you and me.